Kavanaugh impeachment movement quietly shuts down

The last week has exposed the leftist media for all to see. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has had his name dragged through the mud, and in the end, it was all based on lies.

Calls for removing Justice Kavanaugh have now gone quiet as the short-lived impeachment movement fizzles out. Unfortunately, those responsible for the uproar will get away with it and go on to drag more innocent names through the mud.

Agenda-Driven Slander

The recent drama started when The New York Times ran a story about a party that Kavanaugh attended in college.

The allegations centered around an allegedly drunk Kavanaugh exposing himself at the gathering. The story went on to say that his classmates pushed him onto a female and she was unwillingly forced to touch his genitals.

The media immediately went into a feeding frenzy, spreading the report of the “bombshell” discovery far and wide.

However, the story almost immediately began to fall apart — but not before Democrats jumped on the bandwagon and began calling for Kavanaugh’s impeachment.

Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris immediately issued a statement calling for Kavanaugh’s removal and was joined by many other high-profile figures such as fellow candidates Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. Fortunately, as the facts have come to light, movement to impeach has lost its steam.

Uncorroborated Story

It was quickly discovered that the Times had pushed the story through even after the supposed victim refused to be interviewed about the incident and after her friends she  did not remember any such incident.

This story should never have been published. Instead, the NYT pushed the story anyway and issued a correction after the truth was discovered.

This habit of pushing stories then correcting them after the fact needs to squashed. Although the Times essentially recanted the story, the damage was already done and Kavanaugh’s character was once again slandered.

The paper should face legal action for its recklessness. There is a difference between publishing rumors that have been acknowledged as such and pushing stories they themselves know are untrue.

The media has too much power to slander people and face no consequences for their lies. The media’s purpose is to report the truth and inform the public. When it instead knowingly lies in order to further a partisan narrative, repercussions are warranted.

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