Kavanaugh has calendars from 1982 – will hand them over

Christine Blasey Ford’s case against Judge Brett Kavanaugh just took another hit.

Kavanaugh is reportedly getting ready to hand over calendars to the Senate Judiciary Committee that he says prove he wasn’t where Ford said he was more than three decades ago.


Mom always said to document everything because you never know when you will need it.

Luckily for Kavanaugh, he learned that lesson far earlier than most of us.

If reports are true, even as a high school student, Kavanaugh thoroughly documented his whereabouts.

Kavanaugh’s calendars do document different parties and functions he attended.

Unfortunately for Ford, the party in question is not on those calendars.

In fact, Kavanaugh was actually out of town for most of the summer when Ford said the attack happened.

This is by no means concrete evidence of his whereabouts, but it is a significant setback for Ford.

Upcoming Testimony

Ford is currently scheduled to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

At this time, it is believed that she will testify first, then Kavanaugh will be called in to defend himself.

Once Kavanaugh has testified, the committee will make the decision on whether to move forward with the vote or continue an investigation into Ford’s claims.

Further Complications

On Sunday, Kavanaugh was hit with another accusation, but it was suspect at best.

The woman making the accusation barely has a clear memory of what happened.

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In addition, several people she claimed witnessed the incident have already come forward to say that they don’t remember anything like that happening.

This looks like nothing more than a smear campaign aimed toward President Donald Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. What a shame.

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