Kavanaugh gives passionate defense of his own character in front of millions of viewers

Up until yesterday, Brett Kavanaugh had been very mild-mannered when speaking.

On Thursday, however, Kavanaugh’s demeanor dramatically changed when he provided an angry, passionate opening statement that won millions of Americans over. 

Take a look:

No Holds Barred

The moment Kavanaugh opened his mouth, it was quite apparent he planned on pulling no punches.

He addressed the accusations against himself and emphatically stated he was not guilty.

But he did not discredit Christine Blasey Ford or attack her in any way — in fact, he did quite the opposite.

He did, however, attack Democrats for using her allegation as a political weapon.

He pointed out that Democrats, specifically Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), had this information back in July.

Feinstein had met with Kavanaugh at least two times after a letter from Ford outlining the allegations came into her possession, yet she never once mentioned it to the SCOTUS hopeful — or anyone else, for that matter.

Tearful Moment

While Kavanaugh had already won over most doubters with his denial in his opening statement, there was one particular moment that sealed the deal: when Kavanaugh described evening prayers with his daughter.

Kavanaugh said his 10-year-old daughter asked her father if they could pray for “the woman” accusing him of these horrors.

Judge Kavanaugh was visibly emotional as he told everyone about his daughter and that emotion swept through viewers as well.

Democrats had put Alyssa Milano in the crowd, a Hollywood liberal who has been very vocal about the #MeToo movement.

Their move backfired, however, when Milano, who was sitting directly behind Kavanaugh, was seen wiping tears from her eyes during Kavanaugh’s testimony.

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It is likely that someone attacked Dr. Ford — but she may have misidentified her attacker.

She and Brett Kavanaugh were not friends by any means. In fact, is unclear if they were ever actually in the same room together.

She knew of him, but she didn’t know him.

And while we can believe something happened to Ford, after hearing Kavanaugh’s testimony and the lack of corroborating evidence to support Ford’s story, we can’t help but think twice about who really assaulted her — and if it was Kavanaugh after all.

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