Justice Kavanaugh feeds the homeless during his first week on the court

While Democrats are still stewing over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, the new justice has clearly moved on.

On Wednesday, Kavanaugh decided to give back by helping out at a local shelter in Washington. 

Take a look:

That’s Who He Is

Those who think Kavanaugh was merely mugging for the cameras should think again.

Kavanaugh is a devoted Catholic who has a long history of lending a helping hand when needed.

Contrary to the story liberals want everyone to believe, Kavanaugh has always done his part.

Immediate Impact

Meanwhile, though Kavanaugh has only been on the bench for a week, his impact is already being felt.

One of the first cases he offered an opinion was on voter ID laws.

Democrats were livid when Kavanaugh supported voter ID laws, but he was simply maintaining precedent.

Ironically, this is something Democrats said he would not do once he was seated on the court.


With the appointment of Kavanaugh, there are now five judges on the court that have been appointed by Republican presidents.

More than just giving the court a conservative lean, this gives the high court a lean in favor of justices that truly believe in the Constitution.

The late Justice Antonin Scalia’s son recently penned an op-ed on Fox News saying that Kavanaugh’s appointment is allowing the court to get one step closer to its originalist roots.

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Point being: we have a justice that will not make decisions based on what the Constitution “ought” to say, but rather, what it does say.

With several other justices rapidly approaching retirement, we can only hope the next appointments are as sound as Brett Kavanaugh.

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