Democrats admit their Kavanaugh antics hurt the ‘blue wave’

Democrats are finally realizing their divisive tactics are starting to backfire.

“The Kavanaugh hearings did set us back,” admitted Ben Tulchin, a Democrat pollster, adding, “but it depended on geography.” 

Losing Ground

As was somewhat expected, Democrats had made up some ground in polls leading up to these elections, until the Kavanaugh debacle.

While the Senate always appeared to be a longshot undertaking, the House was still within their reach.

Of course, Democrats also had history on their side, as the party taking over office tends to drop the mid-term elections after the first two years in office.

But whatever momentum the Democrats had may have been piddled away with their ridiculous attacks against Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.

Initially, many people believed that Christine Blasey Ford, the initial Kavanaugh accuser, was genuine, but that is no longer the case.

As the hearings played out, it seemed as though her story was more fiction than fact.

Regarding the other two allegations, neither had any merit and appear to have been nothing more than a hit against Donald Trump’s conservative Supreme Court nominee.

The voters have been taking notice, as some of the early momentum Democrats were enjoying has seemingly evaporated.

Additionally, some Republican candidates that were more or less an afterthought are quickly becoming legitimate threats to Democrats.

Big Swings

One of the examples of the forgotten Republicans is Iowa’s Rod Blum.

He was getting almost no support from the party, but now a PAC has been formed to support him and his campaign has new life.

Congressman Mike Bost, who was recently tied with his opponent in Illinois, suddenly has a 10-point lead.

Two other races that were extremely close, actually tilting towards the Democrats, have recently tilted back in favor of Republicans.

North Carolina Reps. Ted Budd and George Holding are now very much back in the hunt for their respective races.

Basically, what is happening, is that voters that had planned on sitting on the sidelines are seeing the tactics being used by Democrats and they don’t like it.

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Rather than vote for a party that continues to preach unity but act divisive, some are now siding with Republicans to prevent Democrats from regaining the power they so desperately seek.

This all comes to a head in just a few days, when we will finally know what the American people think of the disgusting rhetoric and tactics being used by Democrats.

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