Kavanaugh accuser says she met with Democrat representative a week later than initially claimed

Christine Blasey Ford’s credibility just took another shot.

During her testimony before the judiciary committee, Ford lied about the dates when she had contacted Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA).

It Is All in the Details

In front of the judiciary committee, Ford stated she first contacted her congresswoman on July 18 and July 20.

She stated a copy of her letter was then sent to Feinstein on July 30.

In her prior written testimony, though, she offered significantly different information.

In that statement, Ford stated she was first contacted by Eshoo’s office on July 9.

She then claimed to have met with Eshoo on both July 11 and July 13.

Maybe she got her dates confused — but either way, her credibility is taking a hit.

Missing Facts

Regarding the assault, Ford contends it happened most likely during the summer of 1982.

She cannot, however, remember the house, the date, or even the exact neighborhood that it took place.

While she has named names, including one of her own best friends, all of her witnesses have disagreed with her story.

After hearing her testimony, one cannot help but wonder if this woman is just making things up.

For his part, Kavanaugh says he never met Ford, but may remember her name being mentioned from some common friends.

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A significant portion of her case is based on the fact she knew Kavanaugh, hence her 100 percent claim that it was him.

With this latest error in her testimony, we cannot help but challenge every so-called fact Ford has put before us.

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