Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford reveals Congressional testimony was ‘terrifying’ in GoFundMe update

Recalling her experience testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford recently told supporters how utterly “terrifying” it was to face her alleged tormentor, future Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. However, the clinical psychologist and liberal academic also wanted to assure the public that she is “grateful” that she was able to fulfill her “civic duty.”

You bet she is. Ford has been the not-so-reluctant recipient of over $1 million in donations since she tried to single-handedly topple a qualified Supreme Court nominee by making uncorroborated accusations of sexual assault dating back 36 years.

Speaking out

After weeks of silence, Ford took the opportunity to thank donors for their contributions to one of multiple GoFundMe accounts in her support. “Although coming forward was terrifying, and caused disruption to our lives, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to fulfill my civic duty,” she wrote in an update appearing on the charity’s website.

“Words are not adequate to thank all of you who supported me since I came forward to tell the Senate that I had been sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh,” Ford wrote on Thursday, adding that she would be closing the account to further donations.

Donors contributing to one campaign crushed the original goal of $150,000, gifting Ford with nearly three-quarters of a million dollars before it was finally closed. After all, Dr. Ford’s testimony was supposed to be a selfless act, or a “civic duty,” as she described it to Senate Democrats during her opening statement at the September hearing.

Two other campaigns, together raising more than $270,000, have closed. However, another charity drive, which has netted nearly $50,000 in the past two months, remains open. “We are raising funds to go directly to Dr. Blasey Ford,” the New York-based campaign explains.

Other accounts were started to celebrate her as a feminist icon, raising money to “Honor Dr. Blasey Ford as an Educator” by establishing an academic endowment in her name. In other words, the left are practically erecting statues in her honor. On Oct. 29, Palo Alto Mayor Liz Kniss held a ceremony publicly honoring Ford for her “act of bravery” in testifying against Kavanaugh.

#MeToo Martyr

“You had absolutely nothing to gain by bringing these facts to the Senate Judiciary Committee,” Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) told Dr. Ford following her testimony.

“I want to thank you, because you clearly have nothing to gain for what you have done,” California Sen. Kamala Harris (D) agreed.

Nothing, that is, but hundreds of thousands of dollars and the adulation of her progressive peers. Ford has said that she plans to spend the money on “security expenditures,” but based on the worst-case scenario estimates of her own donors, those monetary requirements would make up just a fraction of her total GoFundMe take.

“Your tremendous outpouring of support and kind letters have made it possible for us to cope with the immeasurable stress, particularly the disruption to our safety and privacy. Because of your support, I feel hopeful that our lives will return to normal,” she wrote.

Building a fortress

With the amount of money that Ford is receiving, one would think that she has transformed her $3.3 million Palo Alto estate into an impenetrable fortress, but according to congressional sources, this simply isn’t the case. Ford’s family have benefited from staying with relatives or in their Santa Cruz beach home.

“Part of the time we have been able to stay with our security team in a residence generously loaned to us,” she informed donors this week.

Ford’s legal team represented her pro-bono, and during the committee hearings, the Senate provided Democrats with $1 million in committee funds to pay for her travel, housing and security expenses. Despite this, Ford implored her supporters to continue pumping money into her charity slush fund. “We have already had to move four times, our movements are limited even with security, and the threats are ongoing,” she complained in early October, despite her government care.

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Finally, Ford signed off her GoFundMe by insisting that she would donate whatever money she didn’t spend on her crack security team to victims like her. “All funds unused after completion of security expenditures will be donated to organizations that support trauma survivors,” Ford insisted.

Color me skeptical. 

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