After complaining about not getting COVID-19 test, Kathy Griffin diagnosed with abdominal infection

Comedian Kathy Griffin is still trying to criticize President Donald Trump but inadvertently proved that his coronavirus response is working just fine.

After complaining on social media earlier in the week that she wasn’t able to get a coronavirus test at an emergency room, she was diagnosed with an abdominal infection.

Turns out she didn’t meet the CDC requirements to get tested. An abdominal infection is quite different than chest congestion and fever.

Of course, Griffin didn’t retract her criticism of Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, who is leading the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Griffin criticizes testing availability

Griffin said that she was put in the COVID-19 isolation ward because she had returned from international travel six days earlier. She reported that not all of the medical personnel had masks.

They gave her a chest x-ray, but when the results were clear, they didn’t test her for coronavirus, she told the LA Times.

Still, she said after the abdominal infection was discovered that she still thinks everyone should be able to get tested if they want to.

“I just think it’s so obvious that those tests have to be accessible to everybody,” Griffin said to the Times, adding that she didn’t think people should have to go to the hospital where they might get exposed if they don’t have the virus.

Testing still increasing

Testing for coronavirus has ramped up considerably in recent days. The New York Times says that 65,000 tests are now being done each day in the U.S., but we don’t yet have enough tests to indiscriminately test anyone who wants it.

Furthermore, the tests are costly, and the government is the one paying in many cases. Why should they test someone who doesn’t have the main symptoms of the virus — chest congestion and fever?

It’s really easy for celebrities and media elites to criticize Trump and Pence, but the fact that they have been able to facilitate the testing of even that many people within a week or two is quite amazing. The armchair quarterbacking doesn’t do anything to help with the problem.

Of course, Griffin is free to donate masks to the health workers she encountered if she thinks they need them. Lots of regular people are doing just that every single day –and that’s why America is great.

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