Former PA attorney general Kathleen Kane reports to prison after appeals fail

Kathleen Kane, the former Democratic attorney general for the state of Pennsylvania, was convicted in 2016 of multiple criminal charges related to leaking grand jury information to a newspaper.

Kane, 52, had been free on $75,000 bond while she appealed her 10-23 month prison sentence. Kane’s efforts to appeal appear to have run their course, however, as a Pennsylvania judge ordered Kane to report immediately to prison and begin serving her sentence.

The former AG turned herself in to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility on Thursday morning, smiling in her booking photo.

Kane had resigned from the office of attorney general following her 2016 conviction. She was the first woman and the first Democrat to have served in that role in the state’s history.

Conspiracy, obstruction and perjury

Kane was enveloped by scandal after it was revealed that she had leaked grand jury information and then lied about doing so when caught.

She was ultimately convicted in October 2016 on two felony counts of perjury and seven other misdemeanor counts, which included charges of conspiracy and obstruction.

Kane appealed her convictions all the way to the state Supreme Court, claiming, among other arguments, that she was the target of “selective and vindictive prosecution.

However, the court announced on Monday that they would not take up her case, allowing the lower court rulings to stand.

“Given that the rationale for (the) defendant remaining at liberty pending appeal has expired, post-sentence bail is revoked,” Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy wrote in the order for Kane to report to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

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No more avenues for appeal

The district attorney in Montgomery County, Kevin Steele, had formally requested the court order Kane to prison just one day after the announcement was issued by the Supreme Court.

Steele wrote, “Two different appellate courts have reviewed her case, yet her judgment of sentence remains. She received a fair trial, her guilt was proven beyond a reasonable doubt and now it is time for her to serve her sentence.”

“The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s denial of discretionary review should be considered the conclusion of (Kane’s) avenues for direct appeal in state court,” Steele added, seemingly shutting the door on any further attempts by Kane to potentially have her conviction overturned.

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