Designer Kate Spade found dead of apparent suicide

One of our modern-day fashion icons has sadly been taken from us.

On Tuesday, Kate Spade was discovered dead in her apartment after an apparent suicide.

Fashion Icon

Kate Spade made her claim to fame with simple, yet classy and vibrant designs.

Much like her personality, her designs were considered very “positive” in nature.

Spade was able to take a simple design of a purse and turn it into a billion-dollar brand.

When asked about her bag designs, she noted she was fitting a need for the time.

Spade stated, “I think what was happening at the time either they were too designed, overly complicated, or they were so basic and functional that wasn’t really any ‘Oh, I just have to have it’ spirit to them.”

She not only changed that, she changed the entire industry and its thought process on how women’s bags should be designed.

Her company was sold in 2007.

Then, last year, Coach purchased the company for an astonishing $2.4 billion.

Amazingly, the entire business had been started in her apartment more than two decades prior.


With such a successful past and a new brand being developed, she seemed like she had everything.

So, why commit suicide?

A friend of Spade’s stated, “[Her death] was very much contrary to what we all knew of Kate Spade, a wonderful, warm, outgoing human being.”

Her sister, however, offered some insight.

She stated that Kate had been surrounded by “yes” people her entire life, preventing her from getting help.

Her sister also stated Spade was apparently suffering from a bipolar disorder.

She said Spade was simply unprepared for the level of fame that came with her success and it sent her into a spiral.

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After her death was announced, there was an outpouring of affection by friends, fans, and celebrities online.

She is survived by a teenage daughter.

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