Fox News contributor Kat Timpf says she was ‘chewed out, abused’ at establishment ‘because of where I work’

In what has become a hallmark of the angry liberal #Resistance movement against President Donald Trump, chanting mobs have been driving administration officials and elected Republicans out of public establishments like restaurants where they were innocently enjoying meals. But it appears the mobs are not content to solely disrupt the lives and eating habits of appointed and elected officials.

The mob has now set its sights on right-leaning TV personalities they disagree with ideologically — in particular: Fox News contributor Kat Timpf.

“Ran out of an establishment”

Timpf posted to Twitter on Saturday evening to reveal that she had just been “chewed out” and “abused” by a crowd in an unknown establishment simply because of where she works.

Timpf regularly appears on The Greg Gutfeld Show.

She also writes for National Review.

Mixed messages of love and hate

Timpf received plenty of support from other Twitter users, many of whom asked her to name the establishment so it could be called out and avoided or to provide more details of what had occurred.

However, those messages of support were intermingled with others that seemed to take glee in her unfortunate mistreatment.

Some even suggested that she deserved whatever happened to her because of who her employer was.

The really ironic aspect of all this, as noted by Twitchy, is that Timpf isn’t anywhere close to being a Trump-worshipping far-right conservative, like the left seems to think every single person on Fox News is.

Rather, she is a staunch libertarian that eschews the dogmatic adherence of partisan politics and has no trouble calling out what she views as wrong on both sides of the political aisle.

Furthermore, while there are some things about Trump that she is perfectly fine with, there are many other things about Trump that she has openly declared as unsatisfactory — meaning she is far from being a devoted Trumpist, as some in the comments insinuated.

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In the end, regardless of where Timpf stands on the ideological spectrum or her personal opinions of the president, what happened to her in the establishment — as based off her tweet — is entirely unacceptable, as it would be if anyone else were the target of such harassment, be they on the left or right.

It’s time for everyone to “be best” and place these disruptive, frightening and potentially dangerous tactics of harassment behind us.

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