Kari Lake scores victory in court in fight against election anomalies

March 24, 2023
World Net Daily

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Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, who was leading in the polls but was told she lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs at the ballot box, has scored a victory in her legal challenge to the legitimacy of that election.

The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that a part of her lawsuit must go back to the trial court – where it must be determined whether Maricopa County followed the required signature verification practices in 2022.

According to Just the News, the lower court was told, "IT IS FURTHER ORDERED remanding to the trial court to determine whether the claim that Maricopa County failed to comply with A.R.S. § 16-550(A) fails to state a claim pursuant to Ariz. R. Civ. P. 12(b)(6) for reasons other than laches, or, whether Petitioner can prove her claim as alleged pursuant to A.R.S. § 16-672 and establish that 'votes [were] affected 'in sufficient numbers to alter the outcome of the election'' based on a 'competent mathematical basis to conclude that the outcome would plausibly have been different, not simply an untethered assertion of uncertainty.'"

Lake has brought up several allegations of election system failures after the election. For instance, she charges that Republican voters, who were more likely to vote on election day rather than by early voting methods, were disenfranchised when the voting machine in at least 60% of the voting centers in Maricopa County failed on election day.

Lake, in a statement released after the court decision, said, "I am thrilled that the Supreme Court has agreed to give our signature verification evidence the appropriate forum for the evaluation it deserves."

She explained that verifying those signatures "is the only security measure on mail-in ballots. The amount of time allotted to check these signatures was only 8 seconds, which is not humanly possible. The system is completely broken. That’s why they are absolutely terrified of letting anyone take a look at their signatures."

Lake noted right after the election, "multiple Maricopa County Elections Department officials – individuals who were involved in the signature verification process – reached out to me and urged my team to review the signatures."

"Now, thanks to this Supreme Court ruling, my team will be able to give the signatures the scrutiny they deserve."

She has charged that whistleblowers have revealed that Maricopa County willfully ignored state law regarding those signatures.

She said that issue alone "casts the veracity of Katie Hobb's victory in serious doubt."

The state court declined to review other points that Lake had raised.

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