Kari Lake responds to Hillary Clinton’s criticism by referencing ‘Clinton Body Count’

The Washington Examiner reports that Kari Lake, the Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate, just responded to the criticism that she received from Hillary Clinton by referencing the “Clinton Body Count” conspiracy theory. 

The “Clinton Body Count” theory has been around for nearly three decades now.

What makes conspiracy theories convincing to some is that they tend to have some truth to them, and the truth of the Clinton Body Count conspiracy theory, as NBC News has reported, is that “scores of people close to Bill and Hillary Clinton [have] died under ‘mysterious circumstances.'”

The conspiracy part of the theory is that the Clintons are somehow responsible for these deaths. And, it’s a conspiracy because there is no proof that the Clintons are actually responsible. Causes of death have ranged from suicide to plane crashes.

Lake’s Clinton Body Count reference

It occurred on Thursday during an appearance that Lake made on the Fox News Channel.

There, Lake said:

But, I was a little concerned today – I’m going to be honest – when I saw Hillary Clinton badmouthing me. And, she looked angry and scared and – just completely unrelated, I want you to know, just in case you’re wondering, I’m in perfect health, my breakes on my care are in good shape, and I’m not suicidal. And, we’re going to win this thing on Tuseday. That is all.

Here, Lake jokingly implied that, given the “badmouthing” that Clinton did of her, she might be the next person to join the “Clinton Body Count.” She did so by eliminating possible causes of death – the kinds of causes that Clinton Body Count individuals tend to be subject to – should she mysteriously end up dying in the near future.

Clinton’s criticism of Lake

What led to Lake’s comment was criticism that Clinton made of Lake earlier in the day during an appearance that she made on CNN.

Clinton’s criticism followed a comment made by Lake earlier in the week regarding the attack on Paul Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband. Lake, during a political rally, openly wondered why Pelosi’s house did not have better security measures given that Speaker Pelosi has “got protection when she’s in D.C.”

Clinton, on Thursday, commenting on Lake’s remark, said, “you know, I am rarely shocked anymore, but the reaction that I’ve seen from a number of Republicans, both in person and online, making fun of that attack, somehow trying to turn it into a joke, the same party that wants us to be worried about crime?”

Clinton continued:

You know, the hypocrisy is incredibly obvious and I want voters to think hard about why would you give authority to people who laugh at what happened to Paul Pelosi. We can have our differences over all kinds of policies, but when you really get to the human level, my goodness, what kind of person is that, and why would we entrust any power to such a person?

Lake has insisted that, contrary to what Clinton said, she “never made light of the attack.” Rather, she was just asking a legitimate question about the security measures at Pelosi’s house.

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