Kari Lake presidency talk gets louder

Several recent reports highlight the fact that Kari Lake, the pro-Trump Republican running for Arizona’s governorship, may, one day, end up being a serious presidential candidate for the Republicans. 

One of those reports comes from The Atlantic, while another comes from Axios.

The MAGA queen?

The Atlantic piece, written by Elaine Godfrey, begins, “Trumpism has found its leading lady. The Republican candidate for Arizona governor not only won Trump’s endorsement but has emerged as his most talented emulator.”

Godfrey goes on to track Lake’s career from journalism to politics. And, she explains what Lake has that, perhaps, many other pro-Trump candidates do not.

Godfrey writes:

[Lake] is much better at this than Trump’s other emulators . . . She’s agile as a politician in a way that other high-profile Trump-endorsed candidates, like scandal-plagued Herschel Walker and crudités-eating Mehmet Oz, are not. Lake is more likable than Senate hopefuls like Blake Masters or J. D. Vance. And she bats at the press with a vivacity unmatched by anyone but the big man himself.

Godfrey goes on to state that “Lake’s political trajectory seems set to stretch well beyond the November election . . . She may even be rewarded with a spot alongside Trump on the 2024 presidential ticket.”

A “plausible presidential candidate”

Axios, for its reports, quotes an Obama advisor as opining that Lake is a “plausible presidential candidate.”

In the rest of its report, Axios explains what it is that makes Lake so formidable a politician.

Axios, for example, points out that Lake “is skilled at creating viral moments by dressing down reporters and eviscerating the mainstream media.” And, Axios notes that, unlike other pro-Trump candidates, Lake “has been embraced by top figures in the Republican establishment” and “is benefiting from their money and connections.”

According to Axios, Lake’s success and her potential have Democrats worried.

First things first

Axios’s and The Atlantic’s reports have a lot of truth to them. But, for right now, it is clear that Lake is focused on one thing: beating Democrat Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s secretary of state, in the race for the state’s governorship. The polls have the race a virtual toss-up, although Lake does maintain the slimmest of margins.

After Lake accomplishes that, then she can entertain bigger ambitions if that’s what she wants to do.

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