Kari Lake announces she will run for U.S. Senate

October 11, 2023
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Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake announced that she has filed to run for the U.S. Senate on Tuesday.

Lake, who is a close ally of former President Donald Trump, is attempting to succeed where she failed in 2022 running for Arizona's governorship.

Lake stated during her announcement speech that, "We are living in some dangerous times. The world is on fire. And every day Joe Biden wakes up and pours gasoline on it."

Lake will likely face off with Senator Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ), who herself has lost the support of the Democrat Party since she left the party over ideological differences.

Decisive race

The race for Arizona's Senate seat will be critical and Lake has a massive responsibility to win the seat and help Republicans finally capture a Senate majority for the first time in years.

Control of the U.S. Senate is extremely important as Republicans already control the House of Representatives and having power over both will allow Republicans to dictate America's legislation.

Lake will center her campaign around attacking President Joe Biden and election security. Lake contends that her loss in 2022 was the result of discrepancies in Arizona's election and she is a massive advocate of combating voter fraud.

Furthermore, Lake is big on securing the southern border, which is an issue that heavily affects Arizonans and Lake will use that especially as she goes after the President.

During her announcement speech, Lake took aim at President Biden saying, "You know what he did? He came to Arizona and he demonized … Trump supporters. He called us MAGA extremists, and he called us a threat to democracy."

Lake is setting herself up as a voice for those voters who have been demeaned by Joe Biden and the Democrat Party and that poses major problems for whoever wants to go against the Republican Party in Arizona.

Unanswered questions

With Lake's announcement, many Republicans are seriously looking into her ability to actually win a statewide election in Arizona.

With Lake's allegations of election interference yet to be proven, some are rightly concerned that Lake may not have what it takes to win.

Lake may be a favorite of Donald Trump's but she needs to bring in more moderate voters if she wants to be Arizona's next Senator.

Arizona is a purple state and Lake needs to capture the Trump vote while also bringing in Americans who are dissatisfied with Democrats and their policies.

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