Karen Pence responds to Pete Buttigieg’s attacks on vice president

Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, responded to Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s recent attacks on her husband over his faith and views on gay marriage during an appearance on The Brian Kilmeade Show on Tuesday.

“I think in our country we need to understand you shouldn’t be attacked for what your religious beliefs are, and I think kids need to learn that at a young age, that this is okay, what faith people have, we don’t attack them for their faith,” she said.

Former colleagues

Pence noted that her husband — who used to be governor of Indiana — and Buttigieg “really have always had a great relationship,” even after the mayor came out as being openly gay.

As to why Buttigieg was suddenly slamming the vice president over the gay marriage issue, the second lady suggested it was a ploy to gain attention in the crowded field of presidential contenders.

“I think it’s helping Pete to get some notoriety by saying that about the Vice President,” she said, noting that Pence and Buttigieg have “really have always had a great relationship.”

Listen to the full interview here.

Buttigieg targets Pence

As one of roughly 20 Democratic candidates for president in 2020, Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is likely looking for ways to stand out from the crowd.

While speaking at the LGBTQ Victory Fund’s annual brunch on Sunday, Buttigieg, who is openly gay, attacked the vice president.

Buttigieg told attendees that his gay marriage “has made me a better human being because it has made me more compassionate, more understanding, more self-aware and more decent.”

“My marriage to Chasten has made me a better man. And yes, Mr. Vice President, it has moved me closer to God,” the mayor added.

Buttigieg, an Episcopalian Christian, went on to say that he was created as a gay man, that the decision for him to be gay was made above his “pay grade,” and anyone who took issue with that needed to take it up with the ultimate Creator.

“And that’s the thing I wish the Mike Pences of the world would understand,” Buttigieg said. “If you’ve got a problem with who I am, your problem is not with me. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.”

The vice president has yet to respond to Buttigieg’s comments.

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