Kansas zookeeper rushed to hospital after tiger attack

A Kansas zookeeper almost lost her life this weekend.

For unknown reasons, the otherwise unidentified zookeeper entered the tiger enclosure while the animals were in it, and was attacked by a male tiger named Sanjiv.

Unanswered Questions

According to reports, the zookeeper was not authorized to enter the enclosure while the tigers were in there.

Authorities are still trying to figure out why she entered the pen.

Sanjiv, however, was not really concerned with her reasons — all he saw was a possible meal.

After the zookeeper entered the tiger enclosure at the Topeka Zoo, the massive male tiger pounced on her.

While she did manage to escape with her life, the zookeeper suffered from “lacerations and punctures to the back of the head, neck, back, and one arm.”

Representatives for the zoo said the zookeeper has served as the primary tiger keeper for several years.

However, they said, “there really isn’t a circumstance where they should have been in the same space, so there was some sort of error that occurred here.”

The Daily Grind

Being in the enclosure itself was part of the routine for the zookeeper. However, this is usually done after the tiger is moved to a different area.

The ball was clearly dropped in this instance.

But while animal lovers are worried about the fate of the tiger, they can rest assured that nothing is going to happen to Sanjiv.

A spokesperson said the tiger was merely doing what tigers do, so “the zoo is not considering euthanizing the tiger as it is a ‘critically rare’ and ‘endangered’ species.”

The zoo director also highlighted how quickly staffers were able to get the situation under control, saving the zookeepers life.

In all, the attack was under control in less than 10 minutes, and the zoo itself was only shut down for about 45 minutes.

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