Kansas GOP senator drafts legislation to ban all Russian oil exports to the United States

President Joe Biden and a number of European Union allies have hit Russian President Vladimir Putin with numerous financial sanctions, but many still believe Putin hasn’t been hit where it truly hurts, which would be in his energy export coffers.

According to Fox News, since it appears as if Biden is too chicken to go after Putin’s oil exports to America and other nations, Sen. Roger Marshall (KS) is taking the lead. On Tuesday, ahead of Biden’s disastrous State of the Union address, Marshall announced legislation that would ban all Russian oil exports to the United States. 

Energy Committee GOP Leader Sen. John Barrasso (WY) backed Marshall’s legislation and, so far, at least seven other Republican senators are on board, with more expected to follow.

Republicans and common-sense Americans have criticized Biden’s unwillingness to go after Putin’s lucrative energy exports, as the money Putin receives from that sector continue to fund Russia’s illegal invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

“Quit funding” Putin

Marshall made clear that Biden’s continued buying of Russian oil is only hurting America, and obviously the innocent civilians in Ukraine who continue to die as Putin orders attacks on civilian populations within the country.

“First and foremost, President Biden needs to restart America’s energy production and quit funding Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine by continuing to purchase crude oil from Russia,” the Kansas Republican told Fox News.

His bill, Fox noted, came just one day after Canada made the decision to ban Russian crude oil imports in an effort to protest Putin’s deadly invasion of Ukraine, becoming the first Western nation to do so.

Many believe that the sanctions that Putin is experiencing so far are nothing more than a slap on the wrist, but add that hitting Putin in the energy sector would be the first real step to pressuring the dictator to back down from invading its neighbor.

Republicans pile on

A number of high-profile Republicans, including Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), echoed Marshall’s assertion that by continuing to purchase Russian oil, to the tune of some 405,000 barrels per day, Biden is directly financing Putin’s illegal war.

“The United States of America, we are importing Russian energy. This needs to stop. We are funding Putin’s war machine,” McCaul said recently, according to Fox News.

Only time will tell if Biden grows the spine required to not only ban Russian oil imports to the U.S., but also if he’s willing to restart some of former President Donald Trump’s policies that made America energy independent. One wouldn’t be advised to bet any money on it, though.

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