Report: Kamala Harris keeps list of reporters who have offended her

A disturbing pattern of behavior from Vice President Kamala Harris has just been exposed.

According to a recent report from The Atlantic, Harris keeps a running list of reporters who have offended her. 

The Atlantic made the revelation about Harris’ spiteful actions in a profile piece about the vice president on Monday, titled, “What Kamala Harris Has Learned About Being Vice President.”

“Don’t go over well”

“Harris herself tracks political players and reporters whom she thinks don’t fully understand her or appreciate her life experience,” the piece reads.

One reporter said to be on Harris’ list is The Washington Post’s Chelsea Janes. In 2019, Janes attended a campaign event during which Harris was greeted by her sorority. Janes described the greeting as “screeching,” which apparently was enough to earn her a spot on Harris’ bad list.

The Atlantic also reported that the vice president does not like when reporters use words such as “cautious,” “careful,” “guarded,” or “hesitant” to describe her.

“She particularly doesn’t like the word ‘cautious,’ and aides look out for synonyms too,” The Atlantic writes. “‘Careful,’ ‘guarded,’ and ‘hesitant’ don’t go over well.”

This is despite the fact that Harris, as The Atlantic noted, “continues to retreat behind talking points and platitudes in public, and declines many interview requests and opportunities to speak for herself (including for this article).”

“She kept laughing”

As Breitbart pointed out, one of Harris’ most criticized habits with regard to the press is laughing in response to difficult questions. There have been too many instances of this behavior, but one of the more recent examples happened when Harris laughed after being asked if she planned to visit the southern border.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, former President Donald Trump criticized Harris for the strange habit.

“The only thing almost as bad [as Joe Biden] is Kamala with the laugh,” Trump said at a rally held in October. “Haha, that’s so funny. Hahaha,” Trump said, imitating Harris. “Is there something wrong with her? She kept laughing at very serious questions.”

A recent poll found that Harris is one of the most unfavorably viewed vice presidents in recent history.

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