Ben Shapiro rips Kamala Harris’ ‘watered-down’ version of Hanukkah: ‘Read the history’

Ben Shapiro humiliated Kamala Harris on Wednesday over her “watered-down” outlook on Hanukkah.

The Orthodox Jew and notable conservative commentator said on his self-titled show Wednesday that Harris and other leftists have tried to reduce Hanukkah to a commercialized “low-rent Christmas,” Fox News reported.

Shapiro’s comments came after the vice president-elect released a video on Instagram that showed her being “quizzed” by her husband on the true meaning of the Jewish holiday, according to Fox. Shapiro, for his part, wasn’t impressed.

“Listen, I’m fine with solidarity,” he said. “But if we are talking about the true meaning of Hanukkah versus a watered-down, ridiculous, ‘Miss Congeniality’ version of Hanukkah, at a certain point I’m out.”

“She’s struggling”

In her video, Harris’ husband asks her about the meaning of the holiday. She reportedly responds:

I love Hanukkah because it really is about the light and bringing light where there is darkness, and there is so much work to be done in the world to bring light and it is a celebration of Tikun Olam…fighting for justice and fighting for the dignity of all people.

But that’s not how Shapiro sees it. “Oh God, OK, stop this crap,” he said while watching Harris’ clip, burying his face in his hands. “I don’t know what special authority Kamala Harris has to talk about Hanukkah at all. That is like me questioning my wife, a Jew born in Israel, about her views on Christmas,” Shapiro added.

“She’s struggling with this answer in the same way that she struggled with the answer to, ‘Why did you call Joe Biden a racist and then run with him?’ And so she’s like, ‘Lighty McLight light, you see right here I have a menorah and you know what we do with that, we light it,'” he mocked. “‘It’s filled with light and it brings light, with light, and it’s about bringing light to darkness.'”

“The Democratic agenda”

Shapiro also said Harris twisted the meaning of the term “Tikun Olam,” which does not refer to social justice, but actually refers to following the 613 commandments and Torah rules to make things right after Adam and Eve’s sin in Genesis, according to Fox.

“If you actually read the history of Hanukkah, like read the book of Maccabees for example, it is about a bloody war between Jews who wish to practice their religion free of the Hellenizing influence of Greece and a group of Hellenized Jews who wish to act in concert with the Greeks who shut down religious practice,” Shapiro explained.

“In many ways, it is a battle between religion and paganism and secularism.” he asserted, according to Fox. “That is kind of what Hanukkah comes down to… Specifically, it’s about bringing the temple back into practice, specifically about the fulfillment of religious duty.”

Sadly, Shapiro lamented, Harris “ain’t gonna talk about that one because that ain’t with the Democratic agenda.” Take a look at his remarks for yourself:

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