Kamala Harris under fire, some Dems doubt her ability to beat a Republican in 2024

Vice President Kamala Harris has managed to become a problem for President Joe Biden’s administration and the Democratic party in general, as reports of turmoil within her office emerge along with what many believe is a total failure to make meaningful progress on the country’s immigration crisis.

As Washington Examiner politics editor W. James Antle III wrote last week, Harris has “become the public face of the Biden administration’s biggest policy and public-relations problem.” He went on to point out that many Democrats lack faith that Harris could stand up against a Republican competitor in the 2024 presidential election. 

“Rife with dissent”

Though Harris was managing to stay somewhat above water following what many believe was an ineffective trip to Guatemala and Mexico to explore the “root causes” of the migration crisis, a bombshell Politico report in late June regarding turmoil within her office sent virtually the entire White House staff into damage control mode.

Politico’s report, titled, “‘Not a healthy environment’: Kamala Harris’ office rife with dissent,” was the first public confirmation from a left-leaning media outlet that Harris is facing serious issues.

“People are thrown under the bus from the very top, there are short fuses and it’s an abusive environment,” one White House insider reportedly said. “It’s not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated. It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s***.”

While some in the White House have issued bland statements defending the vice president, others, such as liberal pundit Ezra Klein, painted Harris as a victim.

“Kamala Harris will probably be the Democratic nominee in 24 or 28. Biden’s team should be giving her portfolios that make it likelier she’ll win. Instead they’re giving her impossible problems that will likely become liabilities,” Klein tweeted in June.

Doubts over 2024

Given the logical speculation that Biden, 78, might opt out of a second term in office, Harris, as the vice president, is the party’s presumptive 2024 presidential nominee.

In an Axios report last month, it was revealed that many Democrats feel as though she will fail in an attempt to take on a Republican — even if it’s former President Donald Trump — in the 2024 presidential election, should she be instilled as the party’s nominee.

“Yet many Democrats, including some current senior administration officials, are concerned she could not defeat whomever the Republican Party puts up — even if it were Donald Trump,” the Axios report noted.

Axios’ Alayna Treene was told that some Democratic operatives are not saying, “Oh, no, our heir apparent is f***ing up, what are we gonna do?” adding, “It’s more that people think, ‘Oh, she’s f***ing up, maybe she shouldn’t be the heir apparent.'”

Given that Harris is already under heavy fire from her Republican opponents and from within the ranks of her own party in under six months in the White House, only time will tell if she manages to wiggle out of controversy or end up shooting her political career in the proverbial foot.

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