Kamala Harris names Tupac as ‘best rapper alive’

When CNN commentator Angela Rye asked vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris to name the “best rapper alive,” she named Tupac Shakur, who has been dead for 20 years, and couldn’t come up with a name of a living rapper to answer the question.

“He’s not alive,” Rye reacted to Harris’s answer. “Listen, west coast girls think Tupac lives on, I’m with you. I’m with you.”

“I keep doing that,” Harris said. “Um, who would I say?”

“I mean, there’s so many,” continued Harris, appearing to attempt to think of a rapper to name. “I mean, you know, I — there are some that I, I, I would not mention right now, because they should stay in their lane, but, um, others, I… go on. Keep moving.”

Harris was quickly criticized for her failure, with the Trump campaign jumping on the bandwagon as well. Watch:

Did Harris mean Kanye West?

Harris may have been alluding to Kanye West in her comments about staying “in their lane.” West is currently running for president as an independent, but jumped into the race late and didn’t get much traction.

West previously supported his friend, President Donald Trump, and has made said that expecting Black Americans to vote Democrat is “white supremacy” and a form of racism.

Spinning false narrative

During the primary in February, Harris claimed that she smoked weed in college while listening to Tupac and Snoop Dog. The only problem is, she was long out of college (1986) and even graduate school (1989) before either Tupac or Snoop Dog released their first albums (1991 and 1993 respectively).

Both in the primary and now, Harris is obviously trying to prove that she is in touch with Black Americans because she needs their votes.

It still amazes me that the Democrats, so desperate to get Trump out of office, would pick a pair of candidates as lackluster as Joe Biden and Harris.

Neither one of them is remotely authentic or in touch with the people whose votes they need, and their frequent gaffes in trying to create that narrative are not doing them any favors.

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