Kamala Harris slams Trump’s use of pardon power, vows to have ‘courage’ to free criminals as president

While Kamala Harris first hit the ground as a favorite to get the Democrat nod for the White House in 2020, the California senator is losing steam — and now, her campaign is desperate to stir up interest.

As such, Harris recently announced that one of her first acts as president would be to pardon numerous criminals currently incarcerated for drug crimes.

She went on to blast President Donald Trump’s for what she called a lack of “courage” to use his pardon powers to help anyone but his friends.

Taking Shots at Trump

If she was in the Oval Office, Harris says many first-time drug offenders who she has deemed wrongly imprisoned would get a free pass.

Harris considers them more a product of the system, rather than people who broke the law.

“We must have to have the courage to recognize that there are a lot of folks who have been incarcerated who should not have been incarcerated and are still in prison because in large part,” she said, “they were convicted under draconian laws that have them incarcerated for, in some cases, a lifetime based on what is essentially a public health issue.”

The presidential hopeful also stated that Trump has done nothing but help his friends with his pardon powers.

That claim, of course, is completely untrue, as Trump has pardoned or granted clemency to several individuals deemed to have paid their dues to society by bleeding heart liberals.

Prosecutor Gone Rogue

For someone who has used her record as a prosecutor to win office in the past, Harris has surely gone over to the dark side.

She staunchly defended the death penalty in a case in her own state and has now completely reversed her stance based on party politics.

The woman who was once considered the top prosecutor in the state of California now wants to open prison doors she herself shut.

In addition to her changed outlook on the criminal justice system, Harris seems to be all in on the socialist agenda issues today’s Democrats love so much.

Two of the more controversial issues Harris has already supported are reparations for descendants of slaves and “Medicare-for-All.”

Harris seems to be getting more and more desperate with each passing day.

With Joe Biden recently announcing his candidacy, and Bernie Sanders leading the way, Harris has some serious ground to make up if she expects to be on the top line of the ballot come election day.

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