Kamala Harris agrees when supporter calls President Trump ‘mentally retarded’

Democrat rhetoric is full of double standards — and Kamala Harris is just the latest example. What she did at one of her rallies would send Democrats into fits if it had been Trump.

The California senator shocked viewers when she agreed with a supporter who called President Donald Trump “mentally retarded” at one of her campaign rallies. 

Legitimately Offensive

At a rally in New Hampshire, Harris was listening to a question from a supporter when he demanded to know why Trump’s impeachment hasn’t already occurred.

He went on to describe the actions of Trump as “mentally retarded.”

Harris could have not said anything and it likely would have not caught any attention. But that’s not what happened.

Instead of just answering the question, she signaled her approval of the use of a slur in describing Trump.

When Harris responded to her supporter with, “Well said, well said,” the public outcry erupted.

Harris Lies

But instead of apologizing for her approval of her supporter’s offensive words, Harris responded to critics by turning around and lying when asked about it.

“I would never condone anyone using that word in any way shape or form, even including the guy, against the guy I’m running against. Period. Period. Period,” she said.

But that statement doesn’t exonerate her — it incriminates her. She was vehement in saying she opposed the use of the word, but she didn’t try to explain why she originally responded by saying, “Well said.”

Harris didn’t expect to be held accountable for her words. Deep down, she does believe in what her supporter said. But she also wants to pretend to be a “woke” advocate for social justice.

She needs to be held accountable to the standards of Democrat leftists. For anyone else, she needs to be held accountable for being a liar.

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