Kamala Harris’ support falls dramatically in recent polls

After the first Democrat debate, Kamala Harris was the darling of the party even though she still trailed Biden by more than 15 points.

After the second debate, however, Harris did not come off nearly as well — and now, she has dropped into utter obscurity with most of the rest of the field.

Joe Surges

The Democrat party that is demanding change and a new direction has vaulted an elite establishment, arguably racist candidate to the top of the heap.

Somehow, Joe Biden has completely rebounded from his early tailspin and has once again lapped the field. Biden started his campaign with 40% support. After several gaffes, that slipped as low as 22% in June. The most recent CNN poll, however, has Joe all the way up to 29%.

The big story, though, is the massive decline in support for Harris, who has plummeted all the way down to 5%, a 12-point drop from her high of 17% in the last poll.

Mayor Pete has held strong at a whopping 5% and the rest of the field is not even worth mentioning, as they are not even close to attaining 3% of the vote.

The Big Drop for Harris

One of the main reasons most believe Harris plummeted is because she all but called Joe Biden a racist in her interviews between the two debates.

While her attacks against Biden regarding segregation made for great TV, the entire party came out against Harris for daring to question the former VP’s record. Additionally, Harris was perceived by many as arrogant after that second debate.

After blatantly insulting fellow Democrat candidate Tulsi Gabbard, Harris referred to herself as a top-tier candidate, which turned a lot of people off.

She gave the impression she did not think she had to answer to Gabbard’s accusations simply because she was ahead of Gabbard in the polls.

However, Gabbard’s attacks clearly drew blood, because voters listened and the support Harris previously enjoyed has seemingly fled her camp and moved toward Biden’s.

At one point, many people believed Harris was the biggest threat to Biden, but she is clearly down for the count now. The only way her name will appear on a presidential ballot now is if the eventual winner asks her to be the VP.

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