Kamala Harris refuses to answer questions from conservative Hispanic activist at airport

Senator and presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D-CA) showed that not all voices are important to her during a recent trip.

While in an airport, Harris accidentally found herself being questioned about human trafficking by Anna Paulina, the Director of Hispanic Engagement for the conservative activism group Turning Point USA. Harris refused to speak to Paulina, and at one point, one of her staffers even laid hands on Paulina to block her from getting to Harris.

Watch below:

The Tough Questions

If you are going to run for president and win in this country, you are going to have to engage with voters that do not support your agenda.

You do not necessarily have to win them over, but you do need to present an argument that is logical and believable. When Harris was approached, she did neither. She simply didn’t want to speak to Paulina.

What is even more disappointing is the media tried to portray the encounter as a “close physical encounter and verbal assault by a provocateur.” Those exact words were used by CNN and Telemundo contributor Ana Navarro-Cardenas.

Paulina hit right back and challenged Navarro-Cardenas to get involved.
“You’re latina? So do something for the community and stop the rape of women and children,” she wrote on Twitter.


What’s More Important

The trafficking issue Paulina was inquiring about will be vital to the success of any candidate wanting to win the Latino vote in this country.

However, while Harris clearly had time to pose for selfies and sign autographs, she did not have time to let America know where she stands on the subject of the human trafficking of children.

Paulina’s questions and manner were far less aggressive than we have seen by the liberal media during press conferences with Sarah Sanders.

Yet, somehow, she gets accused of “verbal assault” by someone that works with Jim Acosta of CNN, who actually did put his hands on an intern at the White House.

Had a Republican done this, meaning put their hands on a female asking questions, it would be all over. Instead, it is a story that is now ONLY being told by the alternative media.

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