Report: America can’t afford to fund all of Kamala Harris’ presidential promises

Presidential candidates often make a bunch of promises they never fulfill while on the campaign trail.

But Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is taking things a step further by making promises that are impossible to fulfill, even if we have a 100 percent tax bracket for the ultra-millionaires in this country.

Promising Pipe Dreams

Kamala Harris has embraced just about every far-left platform position possible.

She wants free Medicare for all.

She wants free college tuition.

Harris also wants to give everyone free pre-kindergarten public education.

What she is not telling everyone, however, is that there is simply no way to fund these programs.

Reality v. Fantasy

In order to have Medicare For All, we would need about $32 trillion over a 10-year span.

To provide free college education to everyone, it would cost about $807 billion over that same 10-year-span.

Universal pre-kindergarten would cost another $190 billion during that same time frame.

Just the three main policies Harris is pushing would cost American taxpayers more than $33 trillion in a decade.

Harris’ fellow Democrat, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is recommending a 70 percent tax bracket — but that would only raise about $400 billion extra each year.

Even if the tax bracket for people making over $1 million were 100 percent, it would only raise a little more than $13.6 trillion over that 10-year period. That would still leave us with a deficit of roughly $20 trillion.

Democrats are selling fantasy in order to regain power and sadly, far too many Americans are falling for it.

The truth about his must be exposed so that when voters go to the booth in 2020, they vote for a president who can and has delivered on promises — not one who promises the world only to pull the road right out from under you.

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