Kamala Harris’ already dismal poll numbers drop

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris is almost completely out of the race. If your last name isn’t Sanders, Warren, or Biden, your chances of securing the Democrats’ nomination are next to none. Harris is learning this lesson the hard way.

Her campaign is collapsing. Recent polls show her previously robust support has waned to only 3–4%. 

Consistent Failure

Harris has been steadily slipping all summer and now leading into the backend of 2019, there may be no coming back. Right now Harris is sitting at 5th place behind Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and even Pete Buttigieg.

She can’t even surpass the forgettable Buttigieg, and that should be the signal for her to panic.

Harris’ response to this looming disaster? “Of course I’m part of that top tier, and we all know that,” she said, according to The Washington Examiner. She seems to be completely unbothered by recent disastrous poll results.

In a presidential race, there are no guarantees. Joe Biden is also learning that lesson the hard way.

Democrats should know this all too well, as Donald Trump broke all the rules three years ago and defied conventional political wisdom every step of the way. Kamala Harris needs to learn that voters don’t seem to place her in the top tier of candidates and that she needs to react accordingly.

The truth is that she is a mid-tier candidate according to the numbers. According to polling averages, she is firmly in the middle of the pack.

Dismal Outlook

The sideshows of the Democrat presidential race are polling even with Harris, something that should give her real pause. Candidates like Andrew Yang, who wants to give everyone free money, Beto O’Rourke, who singlehandedly set the Democrat gun control plan back 30 years, and Amy Klobuchar, who nearly everyone forgot was even running have similar levels of support to that of Harris.

Kamala Harris fancies herself an equal to Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, yet she still can’t pull ahead of these low-level candidates.

She either needs to wake up and lose the sense of self-importance, or we are on the verge of witnessing the epic collapse of a campaign.

There are few egos worth deflating more than that of Kamala Harris. She has advertised herself as a woman of the people and as a big-hearted leader. The reality is that her record in the law enforcement and criminal justice system screams heartless and cruel. She won’t last long, and the only good thing to come from her run may be that she had made it abundantly clear to America just how unfit she truly is to be president.

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