Kamala Harris drops 8 points to 5th place in Democrat field

Kamala Harris has been conducting herself as though she is the frontrunner in the presidential election.

The most recent poll, however, should be a rude awakening for the California Senator, as she has fallen to 5% support, slipping behind Pete Buttigieg in the overall rankings, according to Politico.

One Rises, One Falls

When Kamala Harris first announced her candidacy, she was considered one of the favorites in the race. Even after Joe Biden launched his campaign, Harris was still among the top candidates in the field.

During the first debate, she embarrassed Biden, which gave her a little more juice, but it has been all downhill since then.

After Tulsi Gabbard targeted Harris in the second debate, she has been in an uncontrolled downward spiral. While Harris’ numbers have been dropping, Elizabeth Warren seems to be picking up just about every point Harris loses. In the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, Warren has left Bernie Sanders in her dust and is now solidly in second place with 25%.

Biden may still be clinging to the lead, but he is clearly slipping in support. At one point, Biden had doubled the support of the next closest candidate, but he now only holds a 6-point lead on Warren.

Even though Sanders has slipped to third place, he is holding steady around 14 points. Replacing Harris in fourth place is Buttigieg, but at 7% support, he still has very little chance of winning the nomination.

A few other candidates received small boosts after the last debate, with Andrew Yang rising to 4% after literally buying voter support, and Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar each received a small bump up to 2%.

What It All Means

Unless something significant happens, this race is going to come down to Biden and Warren.

While Sanders may still officially be in the running, he has failed to energize his campaign the way Warren has, and Biden still has the support of both the establishment and the big money in the party, so Sanders is pretty much just progressive window dressing at this point.

Rumors are already starting to circulate that Sanders is growing more frustrated with every passing day that Warren gains more support by co-opting many of his own ideas.

For now, Biden appears to be safe, even with his gaffes, but he had better dig in, because Trump has already released one video highlighting his many gaffes, and the president is not one to tread lightly regarding questions about the former VP’s mental fitness for office if he should indeed receive his party’s nomination.

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