Kamala Harris faces criticism over apparent snub of South Korean president

Shocking footage of Vice President Kamala Harris has prompted a backlash on social media, according to Fox News.

Fox reports that Harris was caught on camera appearing to wipe her hand off after shaking hands with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday.

The incident came as the Biden administration was hosting the South Korean leader for a series of in-person meetings, some of the first at the White House since President Joe Biden took office amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

VP faces backlash

Harris, for her part, met with Moon on Friday — but it wasn’t what they discussed that made headlines, but rather, how the two greeted.

In video footage, Harris and Moon can be seen standing before two podiums. After a brief handshake, Harris immediately wipes her hand — the same hand that she used in the handshake — on her jacket while turning away from Moon. Moon, meanwhile, continued looking at Harris.

Both the vice president and the South Korean leader smiled throughout the encounter, but many on social media felt the move by Harris was “disrespectful.” According to Fox, some even suggested that if a Republican had done the same thing, they’d be ripped for it by the media.

“This is the USA VP?,” one user on Twitter wrote, capturing both points of criticism. “Not only disrespectful, but it would be ‘racist’ if this was a Republican, all over the news for sure… Double standards on full display.”

A meeting at the White House

As for the meeting itself, Harris and Moon were said to have discussed a variety of issues, including the “root causes” of the current migration crisis plaguing America’s southern border, which Harris herself is supposed to be addressing.

Following their talk, the vice president released a statement on social media touting the meeting, according to Fox.

“Today, I met with Republic of Korea President Moon,” Harris wrote. “We discussed North Korea, global health, and how we can address the root causes of migration from the Northern Triangle. We look forward to working with President Moon to address the challenges we face.”

Neither Harris nor Moon has addressed the handshake incident, Fox notes.

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