Kamala Harris ends Senate deadlock, casts tie-breaking vote to nominate Lisa Cook to Federal Reserve Board

Vice President Kamala Harris took over and ended a contentious fight to nominate Lisa Cook to the Federal Reserve Board with a tie-breaking vote along party lines.

With Harris’s tie-breaking vote, Cook will become the first African-American woman to govern the Federal Reserve Board. Her nomination comes after Republicans put up a huge fight against her nomination, arguing that her radical views disqualified her from the position.

Every Republican Senator voted against her nomination while every Democrat voted to nominate her, empowering the Vice President to break the 50-50 tie.

Another radical in government

Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) was unconvinced that Cook was qualified for the position saying, “It’s no question, these are impressive credentials, but they do not by themselves qualify her, or anyone else for that matter, to serve as a governor of the Fed, especially at a time when we need a Fed that is able and willing to tackle 40-year high inflation that’s devastating American families every single day.”

The economy is in tatters and inflation is stealing Americans of their hard-earned savings. Will Cook step in to help all Americans, or will she use her new position to further her radical racial agenda?

By the sounds of things, Cook has no answers for what should be done to counter skyrocketing inflation. Senator Toomey commented that Cook’s response to questions on inflation represented “logical applesauce.”

Cook didn’t have an answer for how to solve inflation because much of her time in academics has been spent not on monetary policy but on analyzing so-called systemic racism.

Cook is another radical leftist who is more concerned with the boogeyman of racism than solving actual financial issues that are economically crushing Americans of all colors.

It shouldn’t surprise Americans that the Biden administration is nominating ideologues pushing radical theories to important positions. Republicans were right to oppose Cook’s nomination, but unfortunately, they lacked the majority power to win.

All eyes on 2022 midterms

The fight to nominate Lisa Cook highlights just how important the upcoming midterm elections are to both parties. If Republicans retain their current seats and win just a couple of seats in the Senate, they will have the power to shut down Biden’s radical nominees.

Conversely, if Democrats lose power in the House and the Senate, President Biden’s final two years in office will be completely nullified.

Without the Senate or the House, the Biden administration would be powerless to push its agenda in both the executive and legislative branches. Winning just one Senate seat will give Republicans the power to control President Biden for the next two years.

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