2020 hopeful Kamala Harris defends embattled Rep. Ilhan Omar

2020 presidential contender and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) came out this week in defense of embattled freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar, one of the two first female followers of Islam elected to serve in the U.S. Congress.

Omar has been under fire in recent weeks for making what many have called anti-Semitic comments. Now, Harris says all that negative attention Omar is receiving puts the young congresswoman “at risk” for violence. 

What’s Good for the Goose

It was barely a week ago that Kamala Harris said she believes Donald Trump is racist in an interview.

Her proof? One comment that was twisted by the media and later clarified by Donald Trump and his press secretary on numerous occasions.

Meanwhile, Omar continues to make anti-Semitic comments and has remained intensely critical of the nonpartisan American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and Harris doesn’t bat an eye.

Where was Harris when Omar used an offensive stereotype about Jewish people when suggesting that members of Congress who support Israel are in it for the “Benjamins”?

Omar has made disdain for Jewish people apparent. She has brought the criticism on herself with her comments — no twisting at all needed by the media.

You Hypocrite!

Of course, it was not surprising to hear Harris defend her fellow Democrat, because they stick together like glue these days.

“We all have a responsibility to speak out against anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, racism, and all forms of hatred and bigotry,” Harris said. “But, like some of my colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus, I am concerned that the spotlight being put on Congresswoman Omar may put her at risk.”

Are you serious?

The Democratic Party has been making false accusations against Trump and conservatives in general for the last three years. Not once did Harris ever speak up and worry about the violence those words may incite towards President Trump or any other Republican in office.

After inflammatory remarks from Harris’ fellow California Democrat Maxine Waters, Sen. Ted Cruz, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Sen.  Mitch McConnell, and Fox News personality Tomi Lahren were all confronted in public.

Did Harris express any concern during those times?

Now that one of her own has put herself out there, Harris’ tune has suddenly changed.

While we would never promote violence against anyone, Rep. Omar has no one but herself to blame for riling people up. She has shown a sympathetic ear to radicals and outright asked for leniency for ISIS members.

By defending Omar, Harris may have actually put herself “at risk” ahead of the next presidential election.

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