Kamala Harris’ campaign manager targeted as cause of collapse in polls

Kamala Harris’ campaign is not only crashing in the polls, but she is also having some behind the scenes problems.

According to Breitbart, reports are now surfacing that members of her team are demanding the resignation of Harris’ campaign manager, Juan Rodriguez. Kamala Harris is nearing the end of her already struggling campaign.

Calls for resignation

The blame for Kamala Harris’ floundering campaign is reportedly is being focused on Rodriguez. Harris had been focusing all of her attention on New Hampshire and Iowa in recent weeks.

More recently, however, all of her focus has been laser-focused on Iowa, as several New Hampshire offices were closed and some staff members were let go.

After a recent wave of resignations, the remaining staff is starting to grumble that their campaign manager is the problem, not Kamala Harris herself.

Politico reports that some of Harris’ aides have “gone directly to campaign chair Maya Harris, the candidate’s sister, and argued that Rodriguez needs to be replaced if Harris has any hope of a turnaround, according to two officials.”

What’s the plan?

The problem insiders have with Rodriguez is that they feel there is no clear-cut plan moving forward. All the focus right now is on Iowa, but what happens after that?

Harris even admitted that state is getting all of her available time, stating, “I’m practically living in Iowa to do the work that is necessary to make sure that I earn the support and have the folks in the caucuses who are standing in Kamala’s corner.”

The problem for Harris, though, is that even with all of this focus on Iowa, she still only holds less than 5% of support among Democrat voters.

Not only that, but South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has suddenly moved into first place among prospective voters in the state, with Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren sharing the bulk of the rest of the support.

In fact, newly announced candidate Michael Bloomberg has just as much support as Harris, and he has only been in the race for a week.

Between the lack of support and the mini-mutiny going on her campaign right now, it seems as though the only person that is not aware this campaign is over is Kamala Harris.

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