Kamala Harris’ campaign collapses as Pete Buttigieg surges

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris enjoyed a small surge of popularity earlier this summer, but her campaign has been on the decline ever since.

She has been failing to consistently come anywhere close to her party’s big three: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. Now Harris’ poll numbers have collapsed, and she is being overtaken by Pete Buttigieg. 

It’s almost over

Kamala Harris has been an afterthought in the Democrat race for months. The reality is that unless your last name happens to be Biden, Warren, or Sanders, you are essentially done.

Barring some major shakeup, the standings will stay the way they are until primary voting begins. Something noteworthy that is happening right now is the surge of South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg in Iowa. He has taken first place in several major polls in the state.

Buttigieg placed ahead of Bernie Sanders in three polls. But that is really no reason for any of the big three to be terribly worried.

Even in Iowa, Buttigieg is a dark horse candidate who will likely fail to gain traction elsewhere.

All of this signals the end for Harris, with Buttigieg the only lower-tier candidate capable of creating any buzz. Harris will need a miracle to stay in the race much longer.

How much longer?

Even at her peak, Harris never polled over 15%. She had been consistently stuck in a 4th place rut behind Bernie Sanders, and she is now losing to Buttigieg.

And while Harris was praised by the media at the beginning of the campaign, she lacked a clear vision for the country, and there were too many skeletons in her closet.

She posed as a candidate who was going to fight for justice and the common man. Her record as a prosecutor said otherwise.

While Harris’s record in California was always there for all to see, it took her launching a presidential run for people to begin paying attention.

She’s not fit to lead the nation, and it seems both sides of the political spectrum seem to agree on that.

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