Colin Kaepernick tweets in support of NFL national anthem protests

After putting his anti-American ideas on display back in July, failed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still stirring up controversy. Kaepernick still thinks he was pushed out of the NFL because of racism. (It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with being a bad quarterback.)

Kaepernick is still making the NFL the enemy — even as he angles for a job in the league.

15 Minutes of Fame

Colin Kaepernick’s career was dying and he knew it. He rose to fame as a mediocre quarterback riding on the coattails of an amazing team.

His career stats are far from impressive. His career completion percentage sits at 59.8% with 72 touchdowns to 30 interceptions.

However, being an NFL quarterback gave him a large platform with which to gain fame and notoriety. Kaepernick used that platform to call attention to his protests and knelt for the anthem at football games.

Kneeling during the anthem ignited a PR firestorm for the NFL. But Kaepernick and his apologists insist it was a racist conspiracy to shut his message down. Despite the fact that Kaepernick has kept his influence.

Kaepernick wants protests to continue

Kaepernick doesn’t have the public stage to kneel on since being kicked out of the NFL. But in light of a deal Jay-Z signed with the NFL, Kaepernick wants the kneeling to continue.

There are still active players in the NFL who stood in solidarity with the controversial athlete. Kaepernick’s former teammate Eric Reid blasted Jay-Z for the deal he signed with the NFL.

Jay-Z as part of his deal will acquire an ownership stake in an NFL franchise.

These protests were never about injustice; they have always been about money and fame. Kaepernick turned his dying football career into an activism career. Jay-Z supported Kaepernick, and now has a cushy deal with the NFL.

It is all a big game to these people — creating division in our country to the point that not even our sports are safe from controversy.

Instead of giving people like Kaepernick the attention they crave, their motives need to be pointed out. Kaepernick is an opportunist who has monetized controversy and division to gain power. It is time to ignore the kneelers and let them make fools of themselves.

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