Kabul evacuation flights paused for at least 8 hours due to logistical nightmare

President Joe Biden and his top officials would like you to believe that the situation on the ground in Afghanistan is going swimmingly. However, what’s happening behind the scenes tells a wildly different version of the unfolding events.

According to The Daily Wire, on Friday it was revealed that the U.S. military, under Biden’s direction, temporarily paused all evacuation flights from Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport. Officials explained that the pause was due to a severe backup at a Qatar base where most of the evacuees were being transported to.

While it’s unclear why Biden’s Pentagon failed to have backup options available to avoid such predictable predicaments, it was reported that the U.S. will soon use a base in Bahrain, and possibly additional bases in the near future to take the strain off of the Qatar base.

A worsening situation

Clarissa Ward, a CNN reporter who has gone as far as labeling the Taliban as “friendly” in early reports, was actually the person on the ground who confirmed that there was a noticeable and alarming pause in U.S flights.

“I’m sitting here for 12 hours in the airport, 8 hours on the airfield and I haven’t seen a single US plane take off. How on Earth are you going to evacuate 50,000 people in the next two weeks? It just, it can’t happen,” Ward said on Friday.

The base in Doha, Qatar where Afghanistan evacuees have been flown as they escape the Taliban-controlled country, is reportedly on the verge of experiencing a “humanitarian crisis,” according to multiple reports, primarily due to the sheer number of people being moved there.

“The suspension, hopefully to be quickly reversed by the opening of a new flight option to a base in Bahrain, was due to the current processing facility in Qatar hitting capacity,” a CBS News report cited by The Daily Wire indicated, adding that people on the ground in Qatar have described it as “pretty much a full-blown humanitarian disaster.”

New threat emerges

Making the disaster even worse for the estimated thousands of Americans still trapped behind Taliban checkpoints were new reports of an emerging Islamic State group (ISIS) threat against Americans attempting to escape.

Over the weekend, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul issued a stunning update, directing Americans to “avoid” traveling to the airport in Kabul due to an emerging threat situation, though the memo didn’t specify what the threat entailed.

The Associated Press reported that the warning memo was issued as ISIS could possibly carry out a terrorist attack at the airport or against Americans making their way to the airport.

Because of the new threat, U.S. military officials are reportedly scrambling to concoct new strategies for stranded Americans to get to the airport for evacuation. The Taliban have essentially given the United States until Aug. 31 to evacuate everyone from the country who wants to leave.

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