Justin Amash resigns seat on House Oversight Committee

The day that Justin Amash (I-MI) sided with Democrats to try to impeach Trump, he signed his own political death warrant.

In anticipation of being relieved of his House committee duties, Amash resigned his seat on the House Oversight Committee.

Preemptive Strike

After the Mueller report was made public, Justin Amash openly criticized Donald Trump. Furthermore, he sided with Democrats on their witch hunt to have Trump impeached.

He was immediately ripped by party leadership, but it was pretty clear by then that his time as a Republican was going to be limited.

On July 4, Amash made his own declaration of independence from the Republican party.

On Monday, Amash submitted a letter to House leadership formally announcing his resignation from the GOP as well as his resignation from his seat on the House Oversight Committee.

This, however, was nothing more than Amash saving face. Because he is changing party affiliation, he would have lost his seat on the committee anyway. The only way he would be able to get the seat back would be to be invited back as an Independent.

Days Are Numbered

While Amash has been able to hold onto his seat as a Tea Party Republican, it is unlikely that will be the case moving forward. Several candidates have already come forward to run against him in his district showing a pro-Trump agenda.

There is also the fact Amash is just about broke. His war chest has a little over $100,000 and he will no longer have the support of the Republican party behind him.

More importantly, whatever Republican candidate that comes out of the fray during the primary will have the RNC backing them for the House seat come election day 2020.

There are rumors Amash is considering a run for president, but the only role he could possibly play would be that of a spoiler for Trump, because he has almost no backing outside of his state at this point, and even that support is dwindling.

In all likelihood, the last time we will ever see Amash in office will be when he finishes up his current term.

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