Justice Clarence Thomas confirms he has no intentions of retiring

With so much talk about term limits and age requirements for Supreme Court justices, rumors are once again starting to fly about Justice Clarence Thomas’ impending retirement.

But even at the age of 70, Thomas says he has no intentions of leaving the bench anytime soon.

Plenty of Years Left

As little as two decades ago, people would have been happy to pack it at the age of 70. Today, however, we are expected to live far longer.

Just look at Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is still hanging tough in her mid-80s.

This topic was broached with Justice Thomas recently, and he made his intentions quite clear.

“I’m not retiring,” he said.

The justice’s decision is apparently drawn from a sense of duty.

“Sometimes we are called to do what we must do,” he said, “and it’s our duty then to simply allow that to be done, not ours.”

Why the Rumors?

Thomas has openly said that he would like to live out his golden years in his home state of Georgia. But he feels duty bound to Washington — and any speculation that he’ll soon be ditching the nation’s capital for the Peach State is just that: speculation.

Meanwhile, liberals are scared that two of their favorite justices will soon be packing it in. The Notorious RBG is now 86, and fellow Justice Stephen Breyer will be 81 this August.

Thomas is the next oldest at 70.

While Breyer may stick around to outlast Trump if he wins a second term, most believe Ginsburg will call it quits if that happens. Does anyone really expect her to work until she is 92 just to ensure her seat does not go to a conservative justice?

Unless Democrats win the presidency and try to push through changes to the Supreme Court, liberals are just going to have to live with the fact that Clarence Thomas is staying put.

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