Justice Sotomayor shoots down relief request from unvaccinated NYC teachers

A group of unvaccinated New York City school teachers scored a temporary victory against a COVID-19 vaccine mandate last week, only to have a three-judge appeals panel overturn it. That prompted the teachers to file an emergency application with the U.S. Supreme Court for a final decision.

Unfortunately for the group of teachers and their legal counsel, according to the Washington Examiner, liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who has full jurisdiction over that particular area of the country, flat-out denied their request for relief.

Even worse, the justice failed to include any reasoning, whatsoever, as to why their request was so swiftly denied.

The timing

Upon learning last week that they’d lost a temporary protection from a previous judge blocking the mandate, which affects the largest school system in the United States, the teachers and their lawyers moved quickly to take the matter to the high court.

The primary reason for the rapid maneuvers is that the vaccine mandate was set to start on Friday afternoon, with the threat of termination or unpaid suspensions if teachers didn’t comply.

The deadline prompted the attorneys for teachers Rachel Maniscalco, Evelyn Arancio, Diana Salomon, and Corinne Lynch, to take the matter to the top, only to be quickly shot down by the Obama-appointed SCOTUS justice.

Sotomayor also refused to ask for comment on the matter from other justices, likely a strategic decision as the high court’s conservative members might have at least entertained the idea of digging into the matter a little deeper.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio celebrated Sotomayor’s hasty decision to deny the teachers any legal recourse, tweeting, “Nothing is more important than the safety of our [New York City schools] staff, faculty, and students. Thank you to the Supreme Court for standing with us to protect our [New York City schools] community from [COVID-19].”

Mandate is unfair

In the petition to the Supreme Court, attorneys for the teachers argued that there appears to be a double standard regarding who’s required to take the vaccination and who’s not.

“If permitted to take effect, the August 23 Order will force thousands of unvaccinated public-school employees to lose their jobs while other municipal employees, including those who have significant contact with children, are allowed to opt-out of the vaccine mandate through weekly COVID-19 testing,” the petition stated.

While a vast majority of New York City’s school teachers are reportedly vaccinated against COVID-19, the percentage who are not vaccinated still amounts to thousands of teachers. Should they eventually be suspended, the nation’s largest school system could face a catastrophic interruption to the coming school year.

It’s truly sad that Democrats, like Mayor de Blasio, seem to be using COVID-19 vaccine mandates as political tools, as people like him are certainly not following “the science” as they claim they do.

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