Chief Justice John Roberts criticizes President Trump

After President Donald Trump criticized the circuit court judge who blocked his proclamation on asylum seekers — calling him an “Obama Judge” — Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts fired back in a rare outburst.

“We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges. What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them,” Justice Roberts stated.

Roberts further stated that we all should celebrate the fact we have an “independent judiciary.”

Never one to back down, Trump responded on Twitter: “Sorry Chief Justice John Roberts, but you do indeed have ‘Obama judges,’ and they have a much different point of view than the people who are charged with the safety of our country.”

“It would be great if the 9th Circuit was indeed an ‘independent judiciary,’ but if it is why are so many opposing view (on Border and Safety) cases filed there, and why are a vast number of those cases overturned,” Trump continued.

Trump’s Comments

The president’s original comments that spurred this rebuke revolved around the 9th Circuit Court, which has constantly issued judgments against the Trump administration.

While discussing the blocking of his asylum proclamation, Trump stated, “Every case that gets filed in the 9th Circuit, we get beaten.”

“And then we end up having to go to the Supreme Court, like the travel ban, and we won,” he added.

Trump further stated, “This was an Obama judge. And I’ll tell you what, it’s not going to happen like this anymore.”

Chief Justice Roberts

Justice Roberts was appointed by Bush, so it really is no surprise he has some anti-Trump in him.

Sadly, Roberts is 100 percent wrong about judges not affiliating themselves with liberal or conservative views, though.

If he were correct, why is there so much pressure on every president to appoint a liberal or conservative to the bench?

We can look ever further to Trump’s point.

Every time a case comes before what we would consider to be a liberal judge, Trump loses.

When the cases come up before a conservative judge, he wins.

That is not a judiciary that is acting independently.

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While we respect Justice Roberts as a Supreme Court Justice, his opinion here could not be further from the truth.

As usual, though, a Trump truth bomb hits a little too close to home for someone that is not exactly a Trump fan and it resulted in the president getting criticized for no good reason.

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