Report: Justice Anthony Kennedy may retire at end of this term

Liberals worst nightmare is about to come true.

Rumors are flying that Justice Anthony Kennedy is considering retirement during or after the next term.

Conservative Swing

Justice Anthony Kennedy was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1988 by Ronald Reagan.

While he is a Republican and considered a conservative justice, he has leaned towards the liberal side in judgements in some key cases.

At the age of 82, and having served for 30 years, it would seem his time on the bench is coming to a close.

This would give the Trump administration a huge opportunity to lock up the Supreme Court for conservatives for decades.

Looking down Trump’s list of possible Justices, Kennedy’s replacement would definitely be far more conservative than Kennedy.

And this has liberals pushing the panic button.

Liberal Response

With the rumors gaining traction, liberal groups are wasting no time in mobilizing.

Earlier this week, some people formally associated with both the Obama and Clinton campaigns started to jump into action.

The new group is called Demand Justice.

Its goal is to educate people on the issues related to our federal courts.

They will no doubt target Trump’s list to try to discount possible replacements for Kennedy.

Brian Fallon, who is reportedly one of the leaders of Demand Justice, is making no bones about fighting Trump on his next appointment.

Fallon stated, “If you think Trump’s attacks on Mueller and the rule of law are bad, just think about the idea of Trump getting the chance this summer to swing the Supreme Court to the far right for years to come.”

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Even the liberal media is panicking, with the New York Times writing on op ed earlier this year begging Kennedy to stay on the bench until Trump is out of office.

Bad news for them, though, is Trump may have several more appointments to make before he leaves office, and at least one of them may be replacing a recognized liberal on the court.

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