Justice Neil Gorsuch challenges leftists who don’t like America to ‘look elsewhere’

According to liberals, America has never been great.

But while discussing the state of the Supreme Court and our country, Justice Neil Gorsuch invited those leftists t0 “look elsewhere” if they don’t like what is happening in this country right now, according to IJR. He further asked: “Where else would you rather be?”

Stop the Complaining

Nobody here is pretending the United States is perfect, but it is far better than any of the alternatives.

When you consider that the country has only been in existence for 240 years, it is pretty remarkable that it is considered to be the leading nation in the free world.

That, however, is not the picture liberals like to paint. As far as they are concerned, the United States is an awful place that needs to pay for its sins many times over.

Stop the Lying

Another issue Justice Gorsuch tackled is blatant misinformation in the public sphere about the Supreme Court. The reporter that interviewed Gorsuch, Ariane de Vogue, touted the interview as a discussion on the right turn SCOTUS is making, which is just absurd.

While the media tries to portray this court is being far right, that is not the case. As Gorsuch pointed out, almost half the cases decided by the court are unanimous decisions. Contrary to popular opinion, only about a quarter of all the cases come down to a 5-4 vote.

Recently, though, some of those 5-4 votes have actually fallen on the liberal side of the argument, even though conservatives hold a 5-4 edge on the court.

In Justice Kavanaugh’s first term on the bench, the court had at least three decisions where a “conservative” justice crossed the aisle.

The fact is, most Americans are completely uninformed of the facts and have no desire to understand the truth. Look within your own circle of friends and notice how many simply react to headlines without actually reading the story.

Gorsuch even pointed out that roughly 33% of Americans cannot name the three branches of government if asked, and roughly 60% would fail the naturalization exam.

Yet, these are the same people trying to change our voting laws, remove our constitutional rights, and change the prevailing ideology of the country.

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