Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health remains a concern: Report

Now that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is back to work, the country wants to know if she is really okay.

Based on some recent video and pictures, however, it seems like RBG is not the picture of health that her spokespeople would have us believe.

Back to Work

When Ruth Bader Ginsburg first returned to Washington after lung surgery earlier this year, there was more than a little speculation of her impending retirement.

Indeed, the first video of her since her operation did not exactly elicit a lot of confidence from even her supporters, who noticed that the now-86-year-old justice needed some help getting around.

Take a look:

In that video, RBG looked particularly frail and appeared as though she could barely stand and walk on her own.

But since the clip was released, RBG’s fitness trainer assured everyone she is back at it in the gym and doing her full workout routine — including planks — again.

Still, it has been very hard to find a picture or video of RGB since she has resumed her duties ate Supreme Court. In photos that have surfaced, including one from this weekend, the eldest justice on the high court has been spotted needing assistance yet again.

Is She Healthy?

Liberals may call it an obsession, but the American people have a right to know if Ginsburg is having health problems that could take her away from her duties — again.

Nobody here is questioning Ginsburg’s grit and devotion, as we know she has plenty of both. However, being a Supreme Court justice is a very demanding and stressful position.

The people of this county just want to be sure she is up for the rigors of the job on a daily basis.

Ginsburg’s recent health problems have once again revived the issue of whether there should be term limits put on justices.

The best time to address this issue would be now, as most of the justices on the Supreme Court could be there for at least two more decades. Is it time to make the change?

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