SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg undergoing treatment after latest cancer diagnosis

Following news earlier this week that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been hospitalized for treatment of a possible infection and released, new details have emerged about her health.

As CNBC reported on Friday, the 87-year-old justice is once again undergoing chemotherapy treatment — this time for liver cancer. 

“I have kept up with the opinion writing”

The latest diagnosis marks her fifth battle with cancer. Not only is the prospect complicated by her advanced age, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is likely to make it an even bigger challenge.

Nevertheless, Ginsburg has rebounded from a series of serious health challenges in the past and issued a statement of confidence that she would do the same in this case.

“Throughout, I have kept up with opinion writing and all other Court work,” she said. “I have often said I would remain a member of the Court as long as I can do the job full steam. I remain fully able to do that.”

Arguably the most prominent progressive currently serving on the court, Ginsburg is likely to do her best to remain on the bench at least until President Donald Trump is out of office.

The Trump administration has affirmed that it would push forward with the nomination of a replacement should a spot on the nation’s highest court be open prior to November’s election.

“Yielding positive results”

“I can’t imagine that if he had a vacancy on the Supreme Court that he would not very quickly make the appointment and look for the Senate to take quick action,” said Mark Meadows, the president’s chief of staff, earlier this month.

Ginsburg’s statement, however, offered no indication that she was giving any consideration to stepping down from the position he has held since 1993.

The chemotherapy treatment she began on May 19 is “yielding positive results,” she said, and her most recent scan showed a “significant reduction of the liver lesions and no new disease.”

She continues to tolerate the treatment well, she said, and is “encouraged by the success” she has seen so far.

While pundits on both sides of the aisle have long speculated about the future of her seat, Americans of all political stripes wish Ginsburg a speedy recovery from her latest cancer diagnosis and subsequent therapy.

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