Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg released from hospital after 2-day stay

On Friday, concern for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health almost blew up the internet when she was rushed to the hospital for treatment of flu-like symptoms.

As of Sunday morning, however, Ginsburg has been released from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, according to Breitbart. She is now back at home finishing her recovery so she can return to the bench.

Health concerns

At Ginsburg’s age, it is perfectly understandable that people would be concerned even if she was merely suffering from some basic flu symptoms.

The alarm was sounded, however, when the 86-year-old justice was transferred from the local hospital she initially went to and sent to Johns Hopkins.

According to reports, Ginsburg received fluids and antibiotics intravenously, something that surely could have been done at Sibley Memorial, where she was initially taken.

So, clearly, everyone was worried that Ginsburg has something significantly more wrong with her than some chills and a fever.

SCOTUS spokesperson Kathy Arberg, however, stated that was not the case and that Justice Ginsburg is “doing well.”

Ongoing problems

Ginsburg has had a total of four bouts with cancer in the last several decades, with two of them having come over the past year.

One of those was brought to light after Ginsburg took a nasty fall and had to be treated for a broken rib. In the process, cancerous lesions were found on her lungs.

At her age, just about any illness can create a life-threatening situation, so of course people are concerned when they hear she has been rushed to the hospital yet again. Even with these health problems, though, Ginsburg is adamant she will stay on the court for at least two more years, and possibly longer.

As a liberal, most believe that had Hillary Clinton been elected, Ginsburg would have already stepped down — but with Donald Trump in the White House, Ginsburg does not want to risk her seat going to a conservative.

Another Trump Supreme Court appointment would secure conservative lean to the court and end any hopes Democrats had of tilting to the Supreme Court in their favor. Of course, that’d be a treat for Republicans — but just the thought has Dems shaking in their boots.

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