Justice Ginsburg confirms she is ‘just fine’

Over the weekend, it was confirmed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was headed back to the bench.

Just to be sure the rumors of her retirement were quashed once and for all, Ginsburg confirmed she is “just fine” and looking forward to taking her seat on the bench.

Spotted in Public

Ginsburg was spotted at Reagan Airport by TMZ. The gossip network managed to get her attention even though she was surrounded by security.

While Ginsburg did not say much, she did tell the reporter she is doing fine.

This was not the first time the justice has been out in public since her surgery, though. She previously attended a concert given by her daughter-in-law, but no cameras were allowed at the event.

That, of course, got conspiracy theorists running wild since there was no actual photographic proof she was out in public.

Time to Move On

Now that Ginsburg has been officially spotted in person, it is time for everyone to move on from these rumors.

She has clearly stated she has no intentions of stepping down before 2020, if even then. There were several reports at the tail end of 2018 that Ginsburg has already hired clerks to serve through the 2020 terms.

While it may not be the only driving force, Trump being President is surely playing a role in Ginsburg’s reluctance to retire.

If she were to retire with a Republican in office, it would give the court a massive 6-3 lean towards conservatives, something the liberal justice absolutely wants to avoid.

That being the case, if Trump were to win re-election, it would not be a surprise to see Ginsburg try to stick it out another four years in the hopes a Democrat would win in 2024.

The concern now, though, is if Ginsburg gets hurt again or starts to have other issues preventing her from being on the bench full time.

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