Justice Dept. 'using extortion' to nail Trump: 'They're so hellbent on going after one target'

August 8, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Department of Justice has been accused of using "extortion" in its agenda to indict and even jail President Trump – in what apparently is a scheme to hinder his campaign for president in 2024.

According to a report in Fox News, the accusation comes from a former federal prosecutor.

The FBI staged an unannounced raid on the home to retrieve the paperwork, and multiple charges have since been filed. That's even though Joe Biden had many similarly classified documents in his possession in several locations, including an unprotected garage, and even Mike Pence had the same type of documents, but the government has refused to bring a case against either of them.

Further President Trump actually had the power to declassify the documents he had, while Pence and Biden, as vice presidents, didn't.

The situation that developed involved a DOJ official apparently suggesting a threat to Stanley Woodward.

He's representing Walt Nauta, a co-defendant in Trump's documents case.

Trusty explained, "You had a high-level DOJ official – according to a statement submitted as an officer-to-the-court, to a federal judge – told Stanley Woodward, a defense attorney representing Walt Nauta that it would be a shame, essentially, if he endangered his pending judgeship by not flipping Nauta against President Trump."

The implied threat was first reported in the Guardian, and it said federal prosecutor Jay Bratt, of the DOJ's National Security Division, raised the issue of Woodward's application to be considered for a federal judge's position.

"Woodward appeared before prosecutors in Washington in November 2022, according to the Guardian, over a matter they did not want to talk about by phone. The paper characterized the exchange as one in which Bratt suggested Woodward's endeavor for a judgeship would be viewed in a more positive light if his client cooperated against his boss – the former president," Fox explained.

Trusty said that is "extortion."

"So the people that we are entrusting in our criminal justice system to fairly and impartially and transparently pursue justice are actually obstructionists because they're so hellbent on going after one target: President Trump," he said in an interview with Mark Levin.

Trusty said the Biden DOJ has "no compunction about breaking the rules."

He also cited other manipulations that appear to be ongoing, such as Smith's use of a grand jury in Washington, resulting in an indictment in Miami.

Trust also pointed out the radically different treatments provided by the DOJ: prosecuting Trump multiple times for charges that have been described by critics as nothing but political, while refusing to address the massive amounts of evidence of possible criminal behavior in the Biden family business schemes and dealings.

He also charged that it was "obstruction of justice" when a federal prosecutor warned Hunter Biden's lawyers about a coming search of a storage unit before the search was conducted.

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