Justice Barrett turns down an emergency request to stop Biden’s student loan handout

The Daily Caller reports that U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett has just turned down an emergency request looking to stop President Joe Biden’s student loan handout from taking effect. 

The emergency request came from the Brown County Taxpayers Association of Wisconsin. Among other things, the association argued that Biden’s attempt to cancel the student loan debt through executive action alone is unconstitutional.

The association was asking the Supreme Court to temporarily block the Biden administration from putting the student loan handout in effect while the program’s legality is being litigated.

Barrett, however, as the overseer of the Wisconsin area, has denied that request without further explanation, as is the common practice in such situations.

Biden’s loan handout

Through executive action alone, Biden is trying to cancel up to $10,000 in federal student loan debt per borrower or up to $20,000 if the borrower is a Pell Grant recipient. To qualify, a borrower has to have an adjusted gross income of less than $125,000 if single or of less than $250,000 if married.

The plan, which has been heavily criticized, including by some Democrats, is estimated to cost around $500 billion.

Just recently, the Biden administration has begun to accept applications from qualified borrowers. The White House says that it has received around 22 million applications so far.

But, there is a lot of uncertainty about whether the debt cancellation will ever happen as Biden’s plan is facing several lawsuits.

Court grants stay

One of the lawsuits challenging Biden’s student loan handout has been brought by six Republican-led states. And, it appears that these states may be having some success.

The Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a stay stopping the Biden administration from putting the student loan handout into effect while the court considers an appeal. The appeal comes from Republicans after a district court refused to hear the case on technical grounds.

The Biden administration, nonetheless, is moving forward with its preparations to put the student loan handout into effect.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, despite the stay, said that the Biden administration “will continue to move full speed ahead in our preparations in compliance with this order.”

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