Jury selected in trial of former Clinton campaign lawyer, outcome could have massive political implications

The jury for the trial of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann has been selected for the criminal trial that is expected to have massive political implications.

The moment was so important that special counsel John Durham made a rare public appearance to oversee the jury selection. The case represents years of hard work to uncover the truth of how the Clinton campaign created the Russian collusion hoax to discredit former President Donald Trump.

While Clinton herself isn’t on trial, it is highly likely that this trial will uncover evidence of unethical or even criminal behavior on the part of Clinton.

Massive trial

Sussman is being charged with lying about his working relationship with the Clinton campaign when he brought allegations of ties between Trump and Russia.

Those allegations kicked off an FBI investigation that led to years of Trump being labeled as a Russian asset. In reality, the “evidence” was nothing more than unvetted and fake opposition research.

Those allegations even led to Trump being impeached by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. Obviously, the behavior of Sussman and the Clinton campaign was both unethical and undermined trust in our elections.

The political elements of this case made jury selection particularly difficult. Judge Christopher Cooper told prospective jurors that “We’re not here to relitigate the 2016 election. Donald Trump is not on trial. Hillary Clinton is not on trial.”

But the reality is while neither is on trial, this case is immensely important to both camps.

For Donald Trump, Sussman’s charges would further show that the Russian collusion hoax was a scandal rivaling Watergate. For Hillary Clinton, Sussman’s charges would do immense damage to her budding 2024 aspirations.

2024 on the line

All signs point to a massive power vacuum in the Democrat Party when the 2024 presidential election comes around.

Hillary Clinton appears to think she can fill that vacuum and will likely make a push to run for President. With President Biden’s advanced age and terrible job performance, it seems unlikely that he will successfully lock down the Democrat nomination.

Now, if the Sussman trial goes as many predict, all Clinton’s work to prepare for 2024 will go to waste. No voter will touch her if it is shown she worked to have her political opponents investigated by the FBI.

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