Jurors in Rittenhouse case photographed, subjected to threats: Sources

The ongoing criminal trial against the teen facing felony charges related to a shooting during riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has already generated significant controversy.

Most recently, jurors tasked with deciding Kyle Rittenhouse’s fate are reportedly being targeted with threats potentially intended to ensure they vote to convict the defendant.

Pundits take sides

As defense attorneys argue, Rittenhouse was armed with a rifle and fired in self-defense after he was attacked by multiple protesters.

Rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time of the shooting, is now facing charges of reckless homicide and criminal endangerment.

Many in the mainstream media have consistently portrayed him as an aggressor who deserves decades — or a lifetime — behind bars. The underlying facts of the case meant his trial was politicized from the beginning.

Video footage available from the start appeared to back up Rittenhouse’s claim that he was the one who was initially attacked.

Nevertheless, prosecutors continue to present a case against him, though recent developments signal that the tides might be turning in the defendant’s favor.

Jurors under pressure

Cortez Rice, the nephew of George Floyd, recently asserted that the jurors in the case faced threats after their identities were released. The courtroom has subsequently implemented new safeguards meant to protect members of the jury.

Outside of court, Rittenhouse is being maligned as a villain by many on the left while some conservatives have made him out to be something of a folk hero.

In the end, jurors are called upon to cast a vote based on the facts presented during the trial. If they interpret the video evidence as a convincing defense against Rittenhouse’s use of deadly force, it might not be long before he is cleared of the charges against him.

Anything short of a conviction on all counts, however, is likely to spark renewed protesting, if not civil unrest. On the other hand, if he is convicted, it could open the door for further restrictions on an individual’s right to self-defense.

In any case, threats to the men and women serving on the jury should never be tolerated and bullying tactics should never be used to sway the outcome of a trial.

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